Creating my website - What I learnt

Updated: May 10

Whilst I was under no illusions that leaving corporate and starting out on my own would be a steep learning curve, I under estimated the deep personal journey it would be.

As I started building my website, I confronted deep and real fears.

I imagined my ex-corporate colleagues reading the home page, rolling their eyes and wondering what (the hell) I was thinking, friends discussing my "mid-life crisis" and maybe worst of all ... what if it didn’t resonate and no one was interested?

So, have those fears disappeared completely – of course not! However, in tackling them I’ve been reminded of some fundamental truths

1. Know your "Why"

In my corporate life, I often struggled to connect what I was doing to the things that felt important and meaningful to me. When I was helping to set direction and inspiring personal growth, I was on fire - But a lot of the time, I didn't get to do that. While financially rewarding, my work didn't always feel meaningful.

Now days, when in doubt, I remind myself of why I chose this path. I think of the incredible women I work with, the impact we can create and the life I'm building. It doesn't stop the fear but it does bring perspective. I believe that fuelled with purpose, success will come.

It's no secret that having clarity of purpose, and meaning in our work is key. But perhaps it's even more relevant than ever.

As we begin to design the new normal isn't it time to consider how we thrive and not just survive?