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Accomplishments don't speak for themselves

Updated: May 10, 2022

For International Women’s month, I’ve been running workshops for women around self-promotion in the workplace.

Was I surprised that we all have so much in common? No! I was surprised by how much we continue to hold ourselves back, dim our light and undervalue (or don’t even consider) the contributions that we each make in work and at home.

1. Our Accomplishments don’t speak for themselves

In a pre-workshop survey, 77% of the attendees said they don’t self-promote because their accomplishments and contributions should speak from themselves. It seems that as we patiently wait for our accomplishments to talk, we ourselves don’t. In fact it we don’t even think about our accomplishments or achievements, we don’t recognise the significance of our successes (big or small) and we certainly don’t share them with others.

As we gave each other permission to share what makes us remarkable, we heard stories of incredible courage, of strength and of resilience, of achievement and of overcoming of great odds. Together we realised that our accomplishments are worthy and deserving of a louder voice and that it’s time we gave ourselves permission to recognise ourselves and each other. Not in silence but in celebration of who we are and who we are becoming.

2. Connecting and building connection are not the same

We’ve probably connected more in the last 2 years than ever before and spent more time on Zoom calls and had more time online than we care to admit but it’s clear – we may have been connecting but haven’t necessarily been building connection.

Something amazing happened when we put down the agenda, switched off the filters and took time to connect as women - when we looked in each other’s eyes, and had the courage to share with vulnerability and trust.

It was in these moments of collective and emotional empathy that I was reminded of just how important it is to build connection and how in doing so, we open the door to our own and our collective growth. There’s no doubt in my mind that there’s a bigger need than ever for us to share meaningful connection, to talk, understand and support each other as we each seek to navigate whatever comes next.

3. Lifting each other up, we all rise

Why is it that as women we continue to feel threatened by each other’s success? And are we really waiting for the trailblazers that go before us to ready the way and open the path?

Every single one of the women that participated had an incredible story to share - one that both inspired and up lifted – Isn’t it high time that we start sharing our stories more?

ALL our stories? And encouraging each other to shine more brightly, to acknowledge, celebrate and be inspired by the stories of the everyday women who are succeeding and contributing in remarkable ways every day? I think so!

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