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4 Things Successful Women Do to Feel Good Every Day

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Wondering how to feel good every day? Self-care isn’t always as easy as candles, rose petals and a hot bath. Successful women manage to feel good every day, no matter how much they’ve got on their plate – here’s how.

1. Sticking to Office Hours

Many of us are still working from home and it can be difficult to turn work off.

So, give yourself rules.

That doesn’t mean running away at 5 pm on the dot - but try to create some rules for yourself and stick by them. A daily plan is key and can help you map what you need to do, ditch, delay or delegate so that you are focused on getting the important things done. But don’t make your planner just about work, use it to capture planned breaks, exercise, meals, and any other goals you’d really like to achieve in the day.

The key then is to value yourself enough to commit and stick to the plans you make so that you can build healthy routines that keep you feeling productive, motivated and engaged in all aspects of life.

2. Nourishing their Bodies

What you eat and drink affects how your mind and body work. And how our minds and bodies work affects how we perform and how good (or bad) you feel.

I personally find eating something small in the morning (enough to get my metabolism going), something healthy for lunch, and a solid meal for dinner works best.

Water is undervalued - drinking enough water is key and helps to keep you focused and hydrated throughout the day. Using a Water Tracking Bottle can help you keep track of your intake and ensure you’re feeling your best even on the go!

3. Practicing Mindfulness

Meditation has become more popular in recent years, but it isn’t for everyone.

Try practicing mindfulness, its simple: stop and focus on feeling the sensations in your body, hearing the sounds around you and focusing on all your senses. Take a few deep breaths and just notice your surroundings and your thoughts - without any judgement.

Making this a habit can help you manage stress and short circuit unhealthy thought patterns. I enjoy writing down my thoughts and feelings as a way of tracking my moods and noticing my thinking.

Keeping a journal is a great way to be mindful, stay in the present moment and bring calm when you’re feeling stressed out.

4. Not taking on too much

Taking on too much is a recipe for disaster. I shared my 4 D’s earlier... sometimes you need to know when to delay, delegate or totally ditch a task. And being realistic is key too - If you’re expecting to work out seven days a week, achieve every work goal you’ve set yourself, only eat healthy foods, not watch TV, and be super mom everyday – you need to be kinder to yourself and start pacing your ambition so that you can sustain your energy. Or maybe think of getting some help - there really is no shame in delegating or getting someone's help. Overloading ourselves with tasks and thoughts and actions can damage our health, negatively affect our performance and also impact the people around us.

These 4 practices can get you well on the road to creating more balance and having a good day every day!

If you would like to dive deeper, to have more energy and motivation then contact me at


I'm Michelle

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