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10 Life Lessons from my Mum

Updated: May 12, 2022

It’s Mother’s Day!

This morning I was greeted with cuddles, home-made cards and a rather odd tasting cappuccino and pink sprinkles. It was awesome and, whilst we’re not that family that goes all out on days like this, I did relish the attention and the time to reflect on motherhood.

For good or for bad, whilst life doesn’t come with a manual, it does come with a mother.

I’m lucky to have a mum who has shown me how to live with integrity.

She taught me to try my best, find the best in others and has always loved and accepted me - no matter what.

So what are other life lessons from our mums? …I asked our VIVEVA tribe and got some heart warming wisdom.

Lessons from our Mums

#1 Be generous. Give with a joyful heart

#2 Read. It’s your gateway to knowledge.

#3 Try something new. You may like it, may learn something and may be good at it

#4 Your best is always enough

#5 Lift your head. Change your attitude & keep going

#6 Never look back. Life moves forward

#7 There are no limits.

#8 Forgive quickly. Wrongs happen and mistakes are made

#9 Smile. With your eyes and your heart

#10 Be Kind.

I love this list and know there are many others to add.

What have been some of the best lessons you learnt from your mom?

What were some of the most difficult lessons your learnt and how have they shaped you?

What lessons do you hope your kids remember from you?

Why not share it with your mum, with a friend who's a mum or even with your kids.

Today we celebrate our mums, the lessons they taught us and the people we are because of them!



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