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DISCOVER Your Brilliance.

IGNITE Your Ambition.



Enjoy the life you have. Design the life you want.


Find Clarity 

Lead a vibrant life of impact as you draw strength from your purpose, values, and truth


Build Confidence

Tap into your unique strengths and find your authentic voice


Create Wellbeing

You’re at your best when you feel your best. Create balance so you can thrive


Define Career

Map your career trajectory. Job transitions or entrepreneurship

- do it on your terms.

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Time for change
Time for You.

Chasing the things “they” said would make you happy, hasn’t. And you can’t remember when your life started to feel like someone else’s, but it does.


Working harder than ever, you’re not having the impact you could and are compromising yourself and family in the process.  Sometimes it might even feel like you've forgotten what it feels like to be truly happy. 

Something has to change. You simply can’t do it on your own.

Working together we’ll put the system, support, and accountability in place so that you can rediscover your brilliance and transform your life - Creating balance, finding clarity and amplifying your impact.

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So, how does it work?

Coaching is an investment in yourself and in your future. 

But it isn’t a quick fix - Lasting change takes time but its worth it!

My ambition for you, is that you have the confidence, clarity, and strategies to make meaningful changes. 

I’ll guide and inspire you to question the habits and thoughts that hold you back. I’ll partner with you in considering different alternatives and will be with you every step of the way, cheering you on and helping you find the fulfilment  you have been longing for. 

One-on-one Coaching Sessions

During sessions we will clarify what’s important to you, we’ll set goals, discuss strategies and raise your energy to pursue the life you desire.

This is your dedicated time to think & re-connect with you and your dreams. 

Personalised next steps & ongoing support

Between sessions you’ll receive personalised activities. You’ll gain insight through reflection, experiment with different approaches and develop new habits for lasting change. 
You’ll also have ongoing support throughout and access to me with chat and email when needed. 

Future mindset mapping

Together we’ll challenge the mindsets and behaviours that are holding you back and will integrate new approaches so that you can thrive and enjoy greater vibrance now and in the future.

Clients say.

When I came to coaching I was a mess! I was working long hours, had no energy and my confidence was crushed after a breakup. Michelle never judged, she helped me unpack my negative beliefs and regain confidence. I tried new things and was surprised how soon I was talking about and putting plans in action .


I feel like I have grown wings. Michelle, you have helped me to take the decisions I was avoiding for months. Your questions and guidance made me dig deep and were the catalyst that finally got me into action - My career is on a new trajectory &  I'll forever be grateful. Thank you! 


Michelle balances practicality with warmth and,  challenge with empathy to create a potent combination. So valuable to have the time to think and the space to dream and create. 



Ready for change?

Let us find the balance and meaning you're after.

“You may not be able to change the beginning, but you can start today and change how you end.”


A few other things you might we wondering about.

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