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Keeping you at your best

Personal Coaching that makes you the catalyst of your own success. Because you deserve to enjoy work and life that is vibrant, meaning-filled and that makes you say "WOW"! 


Yes, You Can!


Enjoy the Life you have and design the Life you Want.  


I've coached hundreds of incredible, bold and curious individuals to new heights.  They've made life-changing shifts and taken brave steps towards living their best and most fulfilling lives. And you can too! 

As a former IT executive, recovering perfectionist, multi-passionate entrepreneur, parent, and all-round-go-getter, I know how mindset, perspective and performance go hand-in-hand.


I specialise in working with ambitious professionals, helping them navigate change and master transitions to design life on their terms. 


Together we explore the strategies and tools that will help you take courageous decisions around who you want to be and prove that you CAN move forward with more vitality, more authenticity, and more fulfilment. 



Lead a vibrant life of impact as you draw from your strengths, values, and truth



Find ways to be versatile, adapt and thrive in the face of uncertainty and change



You’re at your best when you feel your best. Create balance so you can thrive



Tap into your unique strengths and find your authentic voice



Map your career trajectory. Job transitions or entrepreneurship

- on your terms.



It's Personal but you don't need to do it Alone    

Raise your hand if you you think coaching should be more than just talking and "time to think" .. Me too! 

VIVEVA coaching provides a safe and evocative thinking space that empowers you with the the strategies and tools you need to embrace change and take focused action towards outcomes that are meaningful for you.

Whether it feels like you are lacking clarity, the capacity for impact or something else entirely, I'll  share real, practical strategies that'll get you to taking inspired action towards greater balance, vitality and joy.


Plus our VIVEVA platform will help track your progress, maintain momentum, celebrate your results - And ensure we have fun along the way. 



Discover Clarity. 

Ignite your Power and 

Transform your life  


WE Discover 

We'll start by diving deep into your dreams, ambitions and motivations. Taking time to understand your values, strengths and talents as we tap into your inner wisdom and determine what matters most.



Then, we'll set a clear vision and design goals that inspire, engage and excite you. We'll have fun experimenting and putting new skills to the test as you gain confidence and see change in action.  



It takes work but it’s worth it. I'll support you throughout and celebrate with you as you gain profound insights and transform how you live, lead and work. 

This is how we will work together. Your coaching journey will be unique to you.

Clients say.

When I came to coaching I was close to burnout! I was working long hours, had no energy and my confidence was crushed . Michelle never judged, she helped me unpack my negative beliefs and regain confidence. I tried new things and was surprised how soon I was talking about and putting plans in action .


I feel like I have grown wings. Michelle, you have helped me to take the decisions I was avoiding for months. Your questions and guidance made me dig deep and were the catalyst that finally got me into action - My career is on a new trajectory &  I'll forever be grateful. Thank you! 


 I cannot believe the difference in myself, in my relationship with my friends and colleagues! I feel a huge weight off my shoulders, my confidence levels are higher than when I started, I have absolutely achieved what I set out to achieve and more, Michelle is thought provoking, encourages deep thinking and tapping into your inner most feelings, none of which I was comfortable with before I started with her.



Let's Connect

If you're ready...

Our first 30-minute conversation is on me and comes with no obligations. We’ll use this time to get to know each other, understand where you’re at, and where you'd like to be. 


A few other things you might be wondering about.

  • I'm proud to call Johannesburg home
    I live in a wonderful neighbourhood that is diverse and filled with energy. I was born in Johannesburg and did all my schooling here. So, when it was time for university, I wanted an adventure. I packed my bags and headed to the University of Cape Town. Living alone at 17, I experienced the joy of freedom for the first time and many bottles or wine, late nights and last minute test submission later, I graduated with my Honours in Business Science. This was to be the foundation of my future -first as a leader and now as an entrepreneur and coach. After that, I spent a few years in London, but the call of Africa has always been loud and soon I returned. And stayed. I built a global career from here and have raised my family here. And despite having travelled to many wonderful places nothing beats the feeling of returning to the place and the people that I call home.
  • I've always been an enthusiatic overachiever
    I love a gold star. I’m a perfectionist, and a driver – fuelled by a challenge and willing to work harder than most people I know. A classic “A” Type personality. Which probably explains why I’ve often over committed myself and over scrutinized my life and work. I’ve pushed myself to reach the high expectations I had of myself – both personally and professionally. Exhaustion, plate spinning and never being satisfied - I know them well! Now I channel my energy and perfectionism into delivering exceptional coaching and experiences. The insights I share are all things I’ve lived and the tools, are tools I’ve used and return to often. My biggest achievements to date? Raising my 2 beautiful children and working with remarkable people every day.
  • I'm passionate about empowering women
    Throughout my career I have enjoyed helping other women succeed. I continue to be a vocal supporter of women at industry events , run free workshops on the power of self-promotion and am committed to helping women lead and live with confident authenticity.
  • I'm a committed lifelong learner
    I’ve always been curious about my own potential and the potential of others. My bookshelves are stacked with the personal growth books that I’ve devoured over the years but now days, I get my kick out of listening to podcasts and trying out new wellbeing solutions.

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