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Professional Development.

The key to your ambitious business goals?

Your people thriving - personally and professionally.


TALENTED AND INSPIRED leaders, fueling your business success.


Boost Performance

Tackle the obstacles that weigh women in business down, reduce focus, and undermine their performance.


Align Motivation

Align individual purpose and business goals so that engagement and commitment stay high


Develop Leaders

Bring diversity in leadership to life, encouraging authenticity and empowering each voice to be heard


Improve Resilience

Be ready to adapt and thrive with better mindsets and enhanced wellbeing

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Change is constant.
Are you Ready?

You have big ambitions for diversity and growth. But you’re losing talented people faster than ever. 

Despite all the training, the wellness apps and benefit programs; talented women in your teams are struggling. In quiet moments, they share personal doubts; that they are stretched and increasingly disillusioned. 

Professional coaching provides development designed specifically to support & develop talented female professionals. Together, we'll address the mindsets, skills and behaviors of performance so they can lead with impact and authenticity - ready to tackle whatever comes their way.


So, how does it work?

The women in your business face challenges they don’t share.

Conquering cultural biases, balancing work and family demands, rising above internal competition or stepping into more senior roles – these challenges are unseen and unheard, but they are holding them... and your business back.


I have been where they are and walked in their shoes.

Coaching provides an independent, safe and resourceful space to tackle fears, address challenges & build the self-awareness that will see them grow and thrive as leaders in their own right. 


Let's link professional growth to your business outcomes and make their success your success. 

One-on-one PROFESSIONAL Coaching

Deep and targeted coaching, supporting female leaders in addressing and overcoming challenges that hold them back, weigh them down or drain their energy and impact.


Our coach-in-residence model gives access to a coach on dedicated days and makes coaching accessible to more women in your organisation.


We’ll support small groups of peers in coaching each other as they help one another to move forward - in community and with confidence.  


Partner with us to establish your mentoring program. Mentorship matters so we’ll help you build a mentorship program that is sustainable.

Clients say.

Michelle's group coaching has helped us to understand ourselves better and also how we can support each other. We've been inspired, and we've been  challenged and have all grown in capability and confidence. Highly recommended for individuals and teams.”


Our clients say.

I found Michelle’s style safe, insightful, and really authentic. She understands what it takes to get you to a better place and manages to relay this with empathy and integrity.”



Our clients say.

“Before working with Michelle, I was on the brink of burnout and considering resigning. She’s helped me see how I was sabotaging myself. I’ve learnt about myself and have been able to establish boundaries, Say No and not feel guilty about taking time to recover. Her professionalism and insight is profoundly empowering.


White on White

Ready to help your team succeed ? 

I'll guide, coach and inspire them to lead with impact 

“The question isn’t how you can sustain your talent. It’s how you can make them stronger, happier, healthier and even better!”


A few other things you might we wondering about.

  • I'm proud to call Johannesburg home
    I live in a wonderful neighbourhood that is diverse and filled with energy. I was born in Johannesburg and did all my schooling here. So, when it was time for university, I wanted an adventure. I packed my bags and headed to the University of Cape Town. Living alone at 17, I experienced the joy of freedom for the first time and many bottles or wine, late nights and last minute test submission later, I graduated with my Honours in Business Science. This was to be the foundation of my future -first as a leader and now as an entrepreneur and coach. After that, I spent a few years in London, but the call of Africa has always been loud and soon I returned. And stayed. I built a global career from here and have raised my family here. And despite having travelled to many wonderful places nothing beats the feeling of returning to the place and the people that I call home.
  • I've always been an enthusiatic overachiever
    I love a gold star. I’m a perfectionist, and a driver – fuelled by a challenge and willing to work harder than most people I know. A classic “A” Type personality. Which probably explains why I’ve often over committed myself and over scrutinized my life and work. I’ve pushed myself to reach the high expectations I had of myself – both personally and professionally. Exhaustion, plate spinning and never being satisfied - I know them well! Now I channel my energy and perfectionism into delivering exceptional coaching and experiences. The insights I share are all things I’ve lived and the tools, are tools I’ve used and return to often. My biggest achievements to date? Raising my 2 beautiful children and working with remarkable people every day.
  • I'm passionate about empowering women
    Throughout my career I have enjoyed helping other women succeed. I continue to be a vocal supporter of women at industry events , run free workshops on the power of self-promotion and am committed to helping women lead and live with confident authenticity.
  • I'm a committed lifelong learner
    I’ve always been curious about my own potential and the potential of others. My bookshelves are stacked with the personal growth books that I’ve devoured over the years but now days, I get my kick out of listening to podcasts and trying out new wellbeing solutions.
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