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What’s your next big move?

Get your free resource below and start generating momentum towards your fullest potential!

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Start discovering
your value

Identify the strengths that make you unique 

Tablet & Coffee

Start doing what
really matters

Create the  daily ritual that will protect your time like none other

Enjoying a Coffee

Start working and    living better

Access our FREE wellbeing Starter Kit

What’s your next big move?

Get your free resource below and start generating momentum towards your fullest potential!



The coaching program to reset and realign how you work and live so you feel better in every area of life. Experience more balance and discover what truly matters to you with proven tools and strategies that guarantee you’ll take inspired action towards a life you love.



>> Get crystal clear on what you really want and craft your plan to get there 

>> Master your time and energy to be your best even when times get tough 

>> Wake up to well-being and amplify the quality of your life, relationships, and career

>> Confidently make decisions that are right for you - for now and the long term

Overcome the daily struggle, get clear on who you are, what you really want, and go after it courageously


 executive coaching PROGRAM 

Born to Lead

The ultimate program for leaders on a mission to boost their teams, results, and impact. We’ll hold up the mirror and use hands-on insight to coach and challenge what’s getting in the way so that you take confident, bold action that fuels your success and amplifies your results. 



>> Level up with ease and authenticity knowing where you’re headed and how

>> Expertly navigate group politics and conflict you increase your credibility and build trust


>> Create a vision, personal brand, and presence that opens hearts and minds

>> Bypass the anxiety and lead with confidence as you role model personal growth and create a culture that never stands still

 Coaching & Workshops for Teams 

The Team Equation

Signature coaching and workshops that get to the heart of trust and motivation to create work that feels like fun.  Breaking down barriers with tried and tested formulas that create and sustain teams as you become stronger and ready to tackle whatever comes your way.



>> Discover your shared strengths and how to leverage them more

>> Carefully Align goals and purpose so you serve and sell better together

>> Courageously tackle obstacles as you trust and know you’ve got each other’s back

>> Master workplace well-being so everyone brings the full capacity of their energy and experience to the table  




Align Motivation







Our commitment is to ensuring you gather the insight and real-world workable strategies that create inspired action and help you achieve results.


As a woman navigating the unknowns of entrepreneurship, I found Michelle’s coaching to be the light in the dark for me… [It] has allowed me to tackle challenges with confidence and authenticity, both in my professional and private life.”


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