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Hi, I'm Michelle

Change strategist, catalyst, motivator, multi-passionate entrepreneur, mum and curious seeker dedicated to creating life and work that inspires and ignites us. 


I share the momentum-building strategies that can help you be more agile, resilient and effective at work and in life. 

How I went from being a Corporate High flyer to embracing change and defining life on my terms. 

Before I spent my days helping people and teams successfully activate change and navigate transition in their lives and work. 
Before I became an expert on mastering uncertainty and making friends with the unknown.   
And before I had the courage to make my personal dreams come true...I was a 'so-called' corporate high-flyer. 

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High tech, TALENT and turning points...

My high-powered corporate days saw me excelling as a woman in Tech, leading teams across 60 different countries and commanding conference stages.

I doubled revenue, implemented new business models and developed profitable partnerships. I made the tough calls when needed and wasn't shy to stand up for what I knew to be right.  

Unable to ever slow down I became a catalyst for change and a champion for Women in Tech.  

BUT... 80 quarter ends, two children, three global roles, two business transformations and a fair share of hard knocks later, I was having more and more days that felt less than "high-powered".

At one point, I thought that I was the problem…until I looked around me and realised


It wasn’t only me


I learned how mindset, perspective and performance go hand in hand.

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All around me, Colleagues, Friends, and even Mentors were stretched thin and worn down by endless change.

I despaired as I watched brilliant ideas be discarded. As talented colleagues became overwhelmed and mentors became jaded.

It was clear that the way we were working wasn't working and I wanted to find a solution. 

Always fascinated by the science of success, it now became even more personal!  I doubled down on understanding the science of successful change - how to navigate transitions with confidence and design work and life that is fulfilling and meaning-filled. 


I learnt all about Positive Psychology, Intentional Change Theory, Conscious Leadership, what skills we need now and, the skills we'll need in the future. 


Then, I applied it. In my life, in my teams and now, with VIVEVA. 


I believe that ...

With Vitality we harness wellbeing to live and work exceptionally, with Versatility we create in the face of change and with Valour we bring boldness to life


I'm imagining a world where we have the skills and freedom to activate positive change in our life and work.

Building a reputation for guiding, coaching and inspiring with the real-life, practical strategies that put a stop to change-fatigue and disillusionment and get you into momentum building success. 


I'm tired of band aid solutions, "rah-rah" and gimmicks. 


So,  I'm all about the latest research and the science of positive change - how to chunk it down, make it interesting and activate motivation and momentum in life and work. 


I'm about helping you embrace change and lead through transition; be more versatile and have the courage to create work and life that is extraordinary - Just like you! 

Looking for the abstract around the house during the quarantine._edited.jpg

So, if you ready to take real momentum-building action towards unlocking real growth and vibrance in life and work, take a look at my resources or get in touch.  

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More About 


Studied Law and Economics and worked in over 60 countries

A recovering perfectionist who still loves a gold star

Embarrassingly obsessed with listening to podcasts

Can be found singing Queen’s “Don’t stop me now” at full volume and on repeat

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