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Hi, I'm Michelle

Life Strategist, catalyst, entrepreneur, sister, mum and curious seeker dedicated to helping you live your best and most vibrant life. 

Too often we get stuck, lost in the busy-ness of life, or weighed down by circumstance. I want to change that.​VIVEVA is about providing solutions and helping you find the clarity & fulfilment you seek. 


to become what we dream, we must evolve who we are 

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Wellbeing, balance and performance go hand in hand

My passion for evoking brilliance in others began a decade ago. At first, it was the catalyst to my corporate success and today,  I partner with remarkable women, just like you - helping them reclaim their power and design their lives with clarity and purpose. 

I know what it’s like to juggle multiple roles, manage competing demands and operate in dynamic and diverse environments. I’ve sat in boardrooms in Saudi, led teams in Russia, run projects in Nigeria and led organisation-wide transformations while raising my children, supporting my community and... working hard to maintain my sanity. 

I've experienced how wellbeing, balance and performance go hand and along the way, I've feared, failed, learned, improved and, I’ve conquered. 


But enough about me - I’d like to learn more about you


I don’t believe in becoming some version of a person that doesn’t exist – I believe in finding helpful ways to manage and enjoy the life we have today and, in making way for the life we hope to have tomorrow

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these are my values

Let's discover yours 


What sets us apart makes us unique


Change starts with understanding


Dare often and greatly


Aligning head, heart, mind, and body

Clients say.

I found Michelle’s style safe, insightful, and really authentic. She understands what it takes to get you to a better place and manages to relay this with empathy and integrity.”



Michelle has in-depth knowledge and wisdom. She challenges me on my thoughts and views, asks questions that encourages me to think differently, and even reconsider some of my decisions and actions. I love how she…picks up trends and patterns and helps me clarify my thinking and objectives…”


Our clients say.

“I didn’t know what coaching was and was a bit apprehensive to start with BUT it has honestly been life changing! I feel more myself, and more capable than I have in years.  And my family say I’m different too.



Ready for change?

Let us find the balance and meaning you're after.

“You may not be able to change the beginning, but you can start today and change how you end.”


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